Top Ten Reasons to Go to College Online

Business courses Sydney prepare our students with the academic rigour, applicable learning, and creative problem-solving skills they will need when applying their theoretical learning to life. If you have been thinking about going to college to earn your degree, you are not alone. However, like many of us you may have obstacles you feel are holding you back. There are many reasons that people decide to go back to school to earn a degree, and earning an online accredited college degree could be the best choice you will ever make.

Persons holding a college degree earn substantially more than those who do not have degrees. If you want to get ahead in your current career, or if you would like to start a new and more exciting career, having an accredited college degree could be your path to success.

Here are the top ten reasons to go to college online:

  1. Online accredited colleges typically allow students to work at their own pace. Therefore, you can earn your degree as quickly or slowly as your circumstances allow.
  2. Save on travel – you’ll save on gas, wear and tear on your car, and parking. With online degree programs you don’t have to travel to a campus location in order to attend classes, take exams, or turn in homework.
  3. Save on childcare – since you don’t have to travel to a campus classroom you don’t necessarily need childcare. Many working mothers, and single moms have found that they can study after their kids go to sleep at night, or while their kids are at various after school programs, sports practice, and the like.
  4. Save on books – in many cases all of the study materials for online courses are available online. Costly textbooks are often not required.
  5. Convenience – online degree options you study at anytime and from anywhere you have access to a computer with an Internet connection – 24/7.
  6. Online degree programs are available for nearly any subject or major in which you have an interest.
  7. Online accredited colleges often have top faculty members teaching the online courses, versus teaching assistants who often teach undergraduate courses in on-campus classroom situations. And they are using the exact same curriculum as the on-campus degree programs.
  8. No lost income – online degree programs offer the opportunity to hold down your current job while earning your degree. You don’t have to quit your job to attend daytime classes, or move to a different geographic location where your college or university is located.
  9. Student services – most accredited online colleges offer the same student services and community that are available on campus. For example, online students can utilize the same financial aid services, and career placement services that are available to the campus students.
  10. Employers have a high acceptance of online degrees. The online degree is becoming highly accepted in the workplace. In fact, many employers are willing to help pay tuition for these programs.

If you are considering earning your degree, think about accredited online college. You’ll be happy that you did.

Carrie Sommer is a frequent contributor to Online Degree News and Views [], where you may find much more information about accredited online degree programs.

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