Tips For A Wedding Reception Program You Can Use Today

A wedding day is meant to solemnize the partnership of two individuals in love. Once the bride and groom have taken their vows, it’s about time for honoring the joyous occasion in the life of the pair by hosting the wedding reception venues Melbourne. However, before you begin preparing your reception, there are certain points that you have to know. A wedding reception can be an elegant party or an informal occasion, nevertheless putting together a plan for the event would ensure that the day goes well without causing any anxiety. Though there are no set rules for having a reception, by using a wedding reception program, you can organize the finer details that would allow this event to be an unforgettable and unique one for you and your partner.

Reception Program Ideas

Usually, the wedding party begins shortly after the religious wedding. However, this also will depend on whether the reception and wedding are in the same area. Regardless, the reception events should be ready to begin even before the wedding starts. Be sure there is someone available to greet and seat the visitors, if they happen to appear early. If you are having a sitting chart for your guests, placards should be placed with the name of each invitee. Apart from that, have the tables, meals, music, and other important things ready to go.

As soon as all the invited guests are sitting, it’s about time for the introductions of the bride and groom. You can also ask the visitors to take a position near the front of the venue to welcome them. The mother and father of the happy couple can either be sitting before the entrance of the couple, or they can enter along with their children. The mothers and fathers come in, then come the ring bearer and flower girl, followed by the bridesmaids and ushers, the maid of honor and best man. The last entry should be by the couple, and you can have the appropriate wedding music being performed while they enter. This can also be the introduction ceremony where the dj or master of ceremonies welcomes and presents each member of the wedding party to the invited guests.

The next step after the introductions have occurred could be the traditional cutting of the cake ceremony. The dj should ask the recently married couple to approach the cake table. Once the cake has been cut and the couple have enjoyed the moment, a formal toast is given next by the best man or maid of honor.

After the cake cutting and toast many couples may have a church representative offer a prayer or blessing for the bride and groom. Many individuals will ask the minister who has performed the wedding to bless the couple. However, this is not mandated and even one of the mothers or fathers of the couple can perform the blessing.

Next on the agenda would be the picture taking opportunity where friends and family would come to offer congratulations and get pictures taken with them. You can either have a professional photographer or ask one of your friends or family members to take pictures and video.

The next part of the wedding should be the dinner, or lunch depending on the time of the day the reception takes place. You can either have a buffet, where the visitors would help themselves, or a sit down meal, where dinner would be provided to the guests at the tables.

This can be followed by a performance by a loved one, close friend, or invitee. These days, it has become traditional to show a video or slide show of the couple, such as the images of their youth, their school, and dating period. Family and friends can contribute pictures and help to put the slide show presentation together.

The first dance is a special event where the bride and groom have their first official dance as a married couple. There is also the traditional father and daughter dance, while the bridegroom dances with his mother.

The last part of the wedding reception program is the throwing of the bridal bouquet, where all the single women take a position together to try and catch the wedding bouquet tossed by the bride. It is thought that the young lady who gets the flower bouquet would become committed to be married soon. Unmarried men also gather to get the bride’s garter which means that the guy who gets it would soon find a young lady for himself.

I hope this wedding reception program helps you in preparing your own reception. However, one must remember that a wedding plan need not be followed stringently in a certain order. Once you create a plan about how your reception should proceed, you will find it to be an enjoyable experience.