The Benefits of a Pilates Circle

The origin of the Pilates exercise started from a nurse in England during the World War 1. A German born named Joseph Pilates was said to be in a poor health condition afflicted by asthma when he was young. This condition has prevented the little Joseph from having a normal and active childhood. Eventually he recuperated and began participating in sports and other physical activity putting his health in a stable and good condition. I encourage everyone to try dynamic pilates manly in your area it would build your self-esteem.

Pilates was originally an exercise program developed for soldiers returning from a battle. These were soldiers that became the patients of Pilates paving the way in the discovery of the Pilates exercise. They were actually immobilized due to injuries brought by the war. Thus, Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates exercise program making yoga and martial arts an inspiration.

Just like any other form of exercise, Pilates also comprised a resistance element. There are two techniques of giving resistance in a Pilates exercise. One is the resistance coming from the weight of the body and the second coming from the Pilates equipment commonly called as the Pilates circle.

What is Pilates Circle

The Pilates circle resembles the large zero shape. There are varieties of materials to be used in manufacturing the Pilates circle. The external part of the circle is basically made from flexible plastic. Contained in the circular plastic tubing is an elastic sprung steel. This elastic steel provides enough rigidity benefiting the user from the resistance it provides. The Pilates circle is also built with handles giving an easy grip of the circle when carrying out exercise.

How it is used

The Pilates circle is designed to be a user friendly device allowing participants to seat, stand, or recline. This easy to use equipment lets a person utilize the resistance gear when positioned on their back, stomach or on whichever part of the body. The resistance is presented by putting on the pressure on the outer side of the ring inwardly or on the inner of the ring outwardly.

The Pilates circle provides a beneficial factor in dealing with the different parts of the body. The leg muscles and the muscles of the abdomen can benefit from the resistance when stuck between the legs and pressed simultaneously. It can also be pushed inwardly or by grasping both handles which will help strengthen the muscles of the chest.

Effects on the Body

There are a lot of positive effects both in the physical and mental state of a person accompanying the use of a Pilates circle. Such benefits include the toning of body’s muscles particularly in the upper arms, thighs and chest muscles respectively.

To put simply, a link between the mind and the nervous system should always comprise the connection and relationship. As Pilates philosophy stipulates, “A connection shall be made to other parts of the body.” Learn more how your mind and body will transform with Pilates.

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