Innovative Breakdown Machine Turn Solid And Liquid Waste Into Valuable Resources


This device is a revolutionary new way to extract resources from waste. It’s called Innorobo, and it was developed by a company called Fosters Industries. Innorobo works by heating up solid waste (such as food scraps) and turning them into biofuel pellets that can be used as an energy source. In addition to producing biofuel, this machine also uses steam heat to extract liquids from the wasted materials (such as water) which are then filtered for use in irrigation systems. These two processes have several benefits:

How does Innorobo work?

The Innorobo Breakdown Machine is a revolutionary waste processing machine that breaks down solid and liquid waste into valuable resources. The machine is powered by a solar panel, and can be used in any climate. It’s safe and simple to use, as well as low cost and maintenance-free. Cheapest skip bin hire Adelaide has special bins for liquid and solid waste for your construction projects.

How are these materials then extracted?

  • The first step is to separate the solid and liquid waste.
  • The second step is to crush the remaining material into a powdered form.
  • The third step is to extract the valuable resources from this powder by applying heat, steam, or pressure.

The extracted resources are then used in various ways: as raw materials for manufacturing new products; as fertilizers; as fuel for cooking stoves; or simply as a replacement for traditional fuels like charcoal and firewood.

What is the overall impact of this machine on a community?

The machine is a system for turning solid and liquid waste into valuable resources. This helps reduce waste and improve ecological living conditions.

Can this technology be adopted in any environmental conditions?

The answer is yes! The machine has been designed to work in any environmental condition. It can be used in any location, climate and country.

The breakdown equipment is built on a modular design concept, which means that it can be added to as needed. The only limitation is the size of the machine and location where it will be placed.

This machine can be used to help improve ecological living conditions.

This machine can be used to help improve ecological living conditions. In brief, this is a device that converts solid waste into valuable resources, such as metals and plastics. The machine is designed to separate the organic waste from inorganic waste through a process called thermal separation. The organic material will be converted into organic fertilizer, while remaining inorganic materials are recycled for use in manufacturing processes or as fuel for energy production (e.g., coal).


We believe that this is an important step towards making our planet a greener place. With more innovation and technological advancements like this one, we can reduce our impact on the environment and create a sustainable future for all.