4 Tips For Making A Great Signage


Signage is a simple way to direct your customers where they need to go, and it can also be used for branding purposes. Whether you’re adding signs to your existing location or opening a new business, here are some tips for creating great signage. Stickers Sydney is another way to help your customer to know your brand further.

Keep it simple, with a strong font.

A good signage should be easy to read. You don’t want people having to squint for your message, and you also don’t want them distracted by the font (unless it’s part of a branding strategy).

When picking a font, think of what purpose the sign will serve. If it is located in an area where there is lots of foot traffic, such as a restaurant or lobby, make sure you choose something that is easy to read from across the room. This can be accomplished by using big block letters with plenty of space between each word.

If the sign has multiple elements on it (such as directions), it’s best not to use more than three different fonts so they’re not competing with each other visually. The same goes if there are multiple items being advertised on one sign—you don’t want people getting confused about which part relates specifically to them!

Put the most important information first.

Tip #4: Put the most important information first.

What do we mean by “most important?” We mean that you should put the most important piece of information—your company name, contact details or other facts that are critical to your business—in a prominent position on any sign you create.

Your logo is an excellent place to start when making sure your brand is clearly visible and memorable, but it shouldn’t be the only thing your signage includes. The key is to do everything you can to make sure potential customers don’t get lost in all your other visual components, which would defeat the purpose of having them in their first place!

Use colours that create contrast.

The first thing to do when creating signage is to choose a colour palette. You will want colours that have high contrast, so they are easily readable from a distance and stand out against the background. The colour you choose should also complement the message of your sign so it doesn’t appear too bland or boring. Lastly, if possible, try choosing colours that are appealing in order to draw in more customers.

Put your signage somewhere it can be easily seen.

  • Placement is key. You want your signage to be visible from a distance, so it should be placed in an area of high visibility. If you are advertising a sale, it makes sense to place the sign outside so that people passing by can see it. But if you’re trying to attract people into your store, then putting the sign inside may make more sense—especially if there is an upcoming event or promotion that customers will find interesting and want to come out for.
  • Think about placement in terms of lighting as well: if someone walking past sees a bright light shining down on your sign but cannot read any print because it’s too dark, then they won’t be able to figure out what exactly was advertised there or why they should care about whatever information was presented on that particular poster or billboard.
  • Also consider where not just humans might see them but also pets and other animals who may walk through where signs are placed—especially when considering those areas where infestations of cockroaches have been reported recently!

Signage should be clear and easy to read.

In order to be effective, signage must be clear, easy to read and consistent.

  • Easy reading: Signage needs to be legible from a distance of about 5 feet away. Legibility refers to the ability of letters or numbers to be distinguished from one another in relation to their size, color and orientation (i.e., if they’re left-justified or right-justified). If you can’t read it from far enough away then it won’t help any customers who are looking at your sign while driving by either!
  • Clear messages: Make sure that your message is clearly conveyed through the words on your sign so people know exactly what they will get when they walk in your door or call/email with questions about what products/services you offer before making a decision as an informed consumer who understands why s/he should choose your business over others’.


We hope these tips will help you create signage that’s clear and easy to read. As always, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it! Find out how to create signage with these tips.